Life Lesson 2: The Lord Will Fight for You

In reading Exodus chapter 14 this morning, I discovered some astoundingly clear messages about the nature of repentance and just how much the Lord is willing to fight for us against evils. After years of horrific captivity and slavery in Egypt, Moses finally frees the people and they escape into the wilderness. Huzzah! As soon as the Egyptians start chasing after them, however, the children of Israel respond with the following:

"Are there no graves in Egypt, that thou hast taken us to die in the wilderness? What is this that thou hast done to us, to bring us out from Egypt?" (Exodus 14:11).

What a powerful message! Because when the hells (evil spirits/devils) are chasing after us, repentance feels like death: starving our sense of self/ego from doing evil feels like death. Why would we ever want to stop living in sin when it feels good, or when it feels like such a big part of our identity?
The hells can also feel like an army against us: it is so easy for us to think they have all the power.
But then the Lord provides us with a beautiful, strengthening, awe-inspiring image: the angel in the pillar of cloud moves from standing in front of the children of Israel to standing behind them, and puts himself between the Egyptians and the Israelites. The Lord will fight for you! The Lord will defend you! Wow.

I was partcularly struck this time through by another impressive image in this story, that further solidifies the idea of an all-powerful God: the Lord actually suspends the sea, and then lets it crash down on the Egyptians. He suspends the entire sea! Thinking about how dangerous a mere river can be, the force of the ocean is mind-boggling. How awesome is He?! It brings to mind a particular doxology we often sing in church:

"Glory and might be unto Him, forever and ever amen. Who is and who was and who is to come, The Almighty. Amen" (Take from Revelation 1:6,8).


  1. I finally have a moment to read this. I love it so much! Thank you for this image of how powerful the Lord is! It is AWEsome!


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